Reading Technics – The Future…

At the end of the final session, we talked about potential directions for the reading group. We agreed on taking a well-deserved break of a good month or so but most of us were keen to continue down the path we’ve begun. Several of us were interested in continuing on the Stiegler steamship and ploughing into the next two volumes (to mix transportation-based metaphors). However, the group consensus was to explore some related directions in technology and Stiegler-studies – which is convenient, as it means I can keep the blog going as it is, without changing the name.

No readings have been set just yet, we’re going to use the time to have a think about what has resonated most so far and find something we think suits the group in its new formation (an article, chapter, or other short-ish text or two). I am also open to other media: suggestions for complementary films, music, literature and so on, would be brilliant. We will probably meet once a month and I will continue to administrate. As it will be something different every week, newcomers will always be welcome.

In the meantime, use the rest of the site to get some ideas, particularly the resources section (also check the submenus for related topics and thinkers), which I will continue to update and be happy to receive ideas for.

Thanks to everyone who has turned up so far; looking forward to seeing how the group progresses. Those who want to be involved, or have suggestions, should contact me by October 17th 2013.



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