Being/Human Festival

The King’s Arts & Humanities Festival this year is titled ‘Being/Human’ and features a number of talks, seminars, and workshops loosely based around boundaries/intersections between the human and its perceived others. It runs from 11th to 25th October and all events are totally free.

There are absolutely loads of events and, needless to say, several overlaps with the themes of this group. Particularly of interest might be the following:

Animals and humans in modern science and medicine – two events: 1 / 2
AS Byatt on the early days of psychoanalysis
‘Prometheus-Empedocles Fragments’ – a multi-media performance-installation
Paul Gilroy on race (not) defining humanity
Digital humanities and digital humans
Biometrics and biopolitics (book launch)
Robots at the Science Museum
Virtual objects and haptic interfaces
Robotics and dance
Modernism and the ‘new’
Human creativity and the utopian impulse (via Bloch)
The human in Plato, Kant, Nietzsche, and modern political theory


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