Some Stiegler-based resources to aid understanding and pique further interest:

– Wikipedia for Stiegler and Technics and Time vol. 1

– Watch Stiegler lucidly paraphrasing his project in the film The Ister – part 1 and part 2.

– The most recent issue of New Formations is a special issue themed around Stiegler. The online edition includes an editorial and interview available for free, and together make a nice soft introduction to and extrapolation of his thought.

– Another themed issue, this time in Transformations from 2009. Entirely open-access and worth a browse.

– Épineuil-le-Fleuriel – Stiegler’s school of philosophy – in French but two pages in English explain the aims of the school against its political backdrop and flesh out some of the empirical aspects of the philosopher’s ‘pharmacological’ project.

– Ars Industrialis – Stiegler’s ‘International association for an industrial politics of the spirit’. Again, mostly in French but the Manifesto can be read in English; for French readers (and those adept at reading between the wonky lines of Google Translate), the glossary on the site is an essential resource. Lots of articles, blogs and videos in French (and some in English) that are worth delving into for an insight into the most recent debates amongst Stiegler’s cohort.

– Another useful glossary in English via Alex Galloway here.

Stiegler Bibliography – Sam Kinsley’s site does the internet a service by hosting a collation of Stiegler’s writings, interviews, and seminars currently available in English.

– Goldsmiths lectures – the last lecture of the 2012 series is here (the first four used to be too but seem to have gone missing) and it looks like the 2013 series is on its way.

– Michael Lewis brings out the anthropological implications of Technics & Time. The first half hour goes over the Heideggerian and Derridean foundations of the argument, and the last half hour is Q&A, so you can legitimately skip both if you’re short of time and want to cut to the meat.

– Stiegler connects the arguments of Technics & Time vol.1 pretty lucidly to his more recent neurological/new media concerns in this address to UC Berkeley.

– And comments on the work of Friedrich Kittler here.


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